My Thai Kitchen: An Omelet of Hot Mess

A fairly simple and worldwide dish for our first MTK and one I knew before coming to Thailand, eggs. Prepared different ways, my favorite before I came to Thailand was scrambled with milk and cheese. Naturally I’ve had to adjust to the Thai way, an ordinary but nice addition to the palate called kai-jiao. I’ve tried my old standard once I had some freedom in the kitchen, but it didn’t work, so I needed to find some new things to add to what I started to call a ‘omelet of hot mess.’

All but one ingredient (cheese) I can find at my local market in the village, which makes this an often made meal, breakfast or not. Finding things in the market also means it’s quite cheap, especially by western standards. I can easily get a week’s worth of vegetables for under three U.S. dollars (definitely going to miss that) and all of the produce is local (whether that’s good thing or a bad thing I haven’t decided yet since pesticide usage is extremely high).

It was learning/practicing how to chop these different kinds of veggies that gave me a little trouble. I (and many others) don’t really trust myself with a knife in my hand, so things are taken pretty slowly. For that though, I allow myself a non-rushed morning (or any time of day really) and pop in a podcast or two to talk to me. It’s helped me to enjoy cooking more instead of finding it a waste of time.

Didn’t get the garlic, but seeing this plate of colorful goodies makes a newbie cook step back in pride. This particular cheese didn’t bode well for the omelet hot mess, but quite ‘Tasty’ on its own.

Given that I’m not exactly skilled in the sense of traditional omelet making (that’s just the English word Thais use to describe kai-jiao but I don’t think it’s actually very omelet-like at all), I tend to just throw it all together in my mini-work with a little oil and stirring often. My mornings tend to look like this.

A heaping mound of vegetables, egg, and milk in boxes. Yummy.

This can easily keep me full most of the day when I make it for brunch and only have a light dinner the following evening. What’s your favorite homemade brunch food?

Bird’s Eye.


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