10 Drinks We Can’t Wait For

With that food we’re so desperate to gobble, you need something to swig along with it. Here is our follow-up to the foods, drinks we can’t wait to gulp down by the gallon.

Again, Jeff is bold, I’m italics.

Rolling Rock

Wine: red, white, violet I don’t care, anything to savor over dinner

Red wine, pinot noir, shiraz and the dry wine I drink with pasta

Mountain Dew and Diet Coke… just once to remember what they taste like

2% milk

Vanilla Milkshake with Reeses’ added in


Hot Chocolate on a cold day

Tap water (I took it for granted)

A beer at a bar with my friends

A Grain Belt or Summit beer at a St. Paul Saints game

Some fruity shitty alcoholic drink to have while dancing like a fool with other young people

Real black coffee – not an Americano, but a dark cup of coffee from my own home or a locally owned coffee shop and maybe a shot in the dark (cup of coffee with a shot of espresso)

A glass of ice-cold 2% or whole milk to have with any kind of warm dessert

Fitger’s Oatmeal Big Boat Stout in Duluth

British Breakfast Hot Tea with my Mom

An A&W root beer from an A&W stand/restaurant

A pitcher of sangria at an outdoor bar

Any beer that’s handed to me by a friend

Tap water without thinking about it

Click here to see the Sprinkle’s list of beverages.


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