Friday Five

Five Places in the US- One of the best things about traveling to foreign countries is the new appreciation you have for your home. Two years in Thailand has me looking forward to some domestic tourism back in the United States, here are some I hope to hit the first summer back.

Family and promises of Big Sky country have me drawn to Montana. I can’t wait for the air and the nature I know I’ll be able to experience with my fantastic familial tour guides. Glacier National Park, kayaking, and hanging with cousins I don’t think I’ve seen in ten years… here I come.

New York, New York
After what feels like eons in a village, I’m looking forward to living in my family’s house in the suburbs just for the proximity to a city. With several Volunteers being from New York and extolling its greatness, my travel bug is tugging my sleeve to revisit this great American city for a refreshing perspective of urban life. And a slice of real New York pizza.

Falling Water
I’m from Pittsburgh, yet I haven’t gone to see this famous architectural spot right in my Pennsylvanian backyard. My Mom mentioned her visit there with my brother before he was deployed to Kuwait and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since then. Something tells me I’ll find it welcoming walking through these familiar woods and landscape.

I think this will be most doable of all my planned trips.
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Bryson Canyon was a recent TTP, so naturally it, along with the Grand Canyon, are on my wish list of summer post-PC. My family never went on that long road trip across country, but I’m hoping as a young adult I can make it somehow for some hiking, a little river rafting, and general ‘wow, I feel like the size of an ant compared to this thing’ feeling.

Pacific Northwest
My first taste of the southern Oregon really tempted me to plop down for a few years to explore everything it has to offer. Two years in Thailand has not dampened my desire to return to the Northwest and conquer Portland, Seattle, and hopefully, more hiking in non-tropical climates.

Is this even a real place? Looks like paradise.
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