On the Road Again

It’s been a fantastic month. Mom’s circle around the country, a week at my old site to recover, and the finishing touch being the Peace Corps’ ‘Continuation of Service’ conference. I planned to do maybe a short trip afterwards before heading back home to Roi Et, forfeiting the rest of my vacation days which must be used before December 20th. Now my previously hibernating travel bug is gnawing at my insides and I’ve decided to keep this party going.

I’m taking a little solo trip around this country I’ve grown to love so much. Seeing the places off the beaten down travel trail while my Thai is this good and I’m this confident about my ability to handle Thailand. I don’t have much planned or prepared and I kind of like that. Unfortunately that means blogging for the month will be sporadic at best, more likely to be fairly limited. Sorry Charlies. But it just means all the more to report back when I do finally return to site and slow down my pace until March. It’s coming up so, so fast.


2 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Hey, come to my site and stay with me. I’m a quick hop from Chiang Rai. I’ve got cold nights and a hot shower:) Kathleen

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