Tourist Thailand

Peace Corps Volunteers see a side to Thailand that few non-Thais see. Thailand is known to the western world for its beautiful beaches, the somewhat risqué Bangkok nightlife, and the mountain views in Chiang Mai. Most of my posts are not about those things because that’s not what my life is usually like here. This next series of posts, ‘Tourist Thailand,’ however, will be about just that. This set of blogs will be more useful to the average visitor to Thailand because that’s what I got to be for a little while. It was marvelous.

I blended well enough with the other foreigners and could get boatloads of western food for once, but I could use my particular set of Thai skills to be set apart (and reap the benefits) when I so chose. Again, it was marvelous. Thais who are farang-weary love a Thai speaking one, even if it was the simplest of things I said.  So this is my official ‘try to learn a little of the local language’ bit and you’ll find your travel experience improving. In Thailand, I would guarantee it.

So here’s looking ahead so you can expect what’s coming and the things I’ll be covering:
Khao Yai
Chiang Rai
Chiang Mai

A cultural and general things I think are valuable to know will also be attached somewhere in the series.  The first half will also have Saturday videos to accompany them.

And if you think I let my Mom off easy and just let her be a tourist, think again.

Yeah, she's badass

Yeah, she’s badass


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