Friday Five

Five Albums for 2012– Same thing as last year, some of these were released or popular before 2012, but they didn’t hit my ears on this side of the world until this past year. Here are the tunes that have been my savior in 2012.

Volume 1 & 2She & Him
Starting off with two albums. After watching 500 Days of Summer, I should have realized that Zooey Deschanel was going to have a record. Or did by then. I don’t know. What I do know is her haunting voice is perfect for tuning out blaring music on a bus or floating my subconscious away from rice fields and just float away on a cloud. Or something else a manic pixie dream girl might conjure up for you.
Favorite Tracks: Take It Back and You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me

Boys & GirlsAlabama Shakes
I wasn’t the biggest fan at first. And then I stumbled back upon them after having the album for a while. Then I couldn’t turn it off repeat. To describe the singer’s, Brittany Howard, voice in a word: powerful. I feel like I should be in a bar in a broken down drunken depression and slow dancing with some fool to ease my sorrows. In a good way. The perfect background music to a self-pitying homesick PCV after a long day ‘in the trenches.’
Favorite Tracks: I Found You and Heartbreaker

I love the simplicity of this album cover. From:

I love the simplicity of this album cover. From:

Some Nightsfun.
The name of the band is a pretty good description of how I feel about this album. Upon listening to this group, I can’t help but get in a better mood and feel my spirit lifted. For a bit this was my go-to morning bike music so I would be peppy and smiley for school. Or just dance around in my house to ‘We are Young’ and remember how grand this thing called life is.
Favorite Tracks: Some Nights, We are Young, and One Foot

RedTaylor Swift
‘But Erin, this album was only released in mid-October. How could this possibly be one of your albums of the 2012?’ you might be thinking. Well friends, that’s because Taylor Swift is really freaking awesome. I’m just going to come out and say it, I think I have a girlcrush. I made sure to get this album before I started traveling with my Mom and I’m so, so, so glad I did. It has been my first choice background music since I acquired it and my friend on all my long bus rides around Thailand. I might even venture to say I’ve listened to at least one song from Red every day since October. I’m not joking.Taylor’s sound is really different this time around compared to her last and very decent/listenable albums. But homegirl has taken it up a notch. She’s growing up and captures those feelings unlike any other current artist, especially for her female fans. I’m so grateful I’m getting to grow up with her. Do your thing girl.
Favorite Tracks: How do I choose? 22, Stay Stay Stay, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and State of Grace

Did I mention how she's become such a style icon for me too? I would kill to take a gander in her closet. Photo from:

Did I mention how she’s become such a style icon for me too? I would kill to take a gander in her closet. Photo from:

Where do I even begin? I first heard of Adele when I was living in London and she was winning British awards for her debut album, 19. I got it, but wasn’t too impressed with the whole and put her on my back shelf of music interests and people to look out for. Then I listened to a podcast that mentioned her ‘Someone Like You’ as the best sad song the person had ever sung along with. I was intrigued. Hook. Line. Sinker. I love this album with the power of a freshly made convert. And my ears love to worship the sultry sounds of Adele. 21 is easily my most listened to album of 2012 and possibly in my entire music library. I’ve lost count how many times goose bumps have been raised in an emotional moment when listening. This is the only album that could break me out of my Taylor Swift binge session the past few months. And it’s still not gotten old for me. I don’t think it ever will.
Favorite Tracks: Someone Like You, Don’t You Remember, One and Only, and Rolling in the Deep

Another simple yet stunning album cover. Girl. Love you. Photo From:

Another simple yet stunning album cover. Girl. Love you. Photo From:

Also, this video:


2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Adele’s 21 is also one of my favourites and I used to listen “We Are Young” over and over again few months ago. For the others, I am going to check right now on Spotify 😉 I am really curious about Zooey Deschanel…

    • I was surprised how much I liked her voice. I really like her quirkiness, especially after 500 Days. And if you like Adele, I think you’ll definitely be able to appreciate the shakes, especially for the vocals!

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