T.G.I.P.W. (Thank God it’s Poop Week)

The rest of the world may celebrate Animal Planet’s Shark Week with 24/7 shows of the natural predator, PCVs have to be on the look out for a different one. Over the past two years, we’ve been exposed to all various kinds of water conditions and ways to store food. And let’s not forget the parasites. I’ve had more stomach/digestive issues in the past two years than rest of my entire life put together.

Enter Poop Week. To avoid widespread tropical diseases Americans generally have no immunity built up for, we go into Bangkok to poop into a cup for three days. Not the same cup mind you. And not really a cup either now that I think about it. It’s more like a prescription bottle. While we wait around to empty our stomachs, we have physicals and other medical check ups.

The real reason I’m more than excited for this though is for mental check-ups rather than physical ones. With six weeks left, my brain is not really ‘here’ anymore. And I have a really bad attitude lately too. I have no patience to be called farang, told I’m so beautiful because I’m white every day, being stared at for doing completely normal things, or the general hijinks that happen in life in rural Thailand. I’m craving pizza, cheese, and anything not Asian food so badly my mouth waters on a nearly daily basis. Basically, I feel like a ticking time bomb, trying not to explode when someone offers me fried fish one last time.

Going to Bangkok will provide me an opportunity to decompress the build up. I’ll be able to get my western food fix, unload my issues with Thailand with fellow PCVs, and, best of all, be anonymous again. I hope this will be another refuel for the very last leg once I arrive back to site. It’ll only be another five weeks of school after that and I have my plane ticket to fly back to Pittsburgh the week following. Excited isn’t a strong enough word.

I am NOT looking forward to packing though.


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