Oh Hey There!

So. This is embarrassing. I was all rah-rah, I’m a good blogger and planned ahead. And then February happened. And I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since my last post. I don’t even know the last time I wrote anything for the ‘public.’ Or even done much in the way of communication with very many people. February was a pretty insular month in this corner of the world.

I could regale you with epic tales that took me to far away places that kept me occupied and not blogging for most of the month, but really outside of accomplishing the extraction mission, going to the ear doctor a bajillion times, adventuring with Manfriend putting a few dozen Krispy Kremes under our belts, and my body revolting against me in what feels like nearly every medical issue possible… actually this turning out to be a pretty epic sentence description. For a time I thought would pass achingly slow in the usual, I spent a surprising amount outside of my ‘normal’ life in the village.

Actually, I’m genuinely surprised how the time is moving. I can not believe that I’m leaving the village this soon. For a date I’ve been looking forward to for 26 and a half months, it really managed to sneak up on me. The packing process is nearly complete and my brain keeps telling me that in ten days I’ll be back on US soil, but my heart/emotions haven’t quite caught up yet. I keep thinking, ‘I’m so ready, I’m so ready, I’m so ready,’ but in packing a weekend bag for one of my follow-ups with the doctor, a wave of dread came over me as I realized how foreign and difficult life in America feels right now.

Yes, I’m tired of Thai food, most Thai people, life in Peace Corps, and literally sweating my way through clothes, but it’s also the ‘known.’ It’s comfortable in that all of my needs are taken care of, but exciting and different enough from the 9-5 type of job I dread with every fiber in my being. And pretty soon, I’m just going to be floating along figuring out my next step. But luckily eating a lot of Western food to help with the stress.

So, back to our regularly scheduled programming. I don’t plan on ending my blog any time soon, because I still have a lot to say about Thailand, the transition back ‘home’ again, and stretching my one (minor) creative ability in writing, mostly about traveling and the lessons that you learn (and are sometimes forced down your throat) along the way. There will surely be a few more gaps here and there as I stumble my way through goodbyes, hellos, and some form of internal clock stability. Thanks for coming along on the ride with me so far. Let’s see where we end up next.

So glad I had my best beau to explore Bangkok with

So glad I had my best beau with me to explore Bangkok


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