Real Person Status: Achieved.

I’ve been in America for nearly a month now.  I’ve been here, there, everywhere. It feels like a minute and it feels like forever at the same time. It seems like I’m in a projected state of limbo trying to figure out if I belong here or in Thailand, but for now, I’m not complaining. The mornings I wake up and relish the feeling of clean sheets on a more than box spring bed or when I adjust the water temperature in my shower or realizing a shadow is just a shadow, not a mouse, gecko, or scorpion or putting a sweater because I’m cold, I think to myself ‘am I allowed to be this comfortable?’

The past month and a half has seemed to move in hyperdrive. Life is so different and exciting when there are lots of people who want to spend time with you. The biggest difference in village life to the goodbye/hello period is the vast amount of social interaction I’ve been having with other people. And, you know, the über comfort/luxury that is life in America.

I think I’ve settled into something of a routine now after all the hecticness. I have an ATM card, a driver’s license, a ‘telecommunication device’ (aka an ability to call/text people in America, but not a smart phone by any means), a restock of necessities that Thailand wiped out of my possession (like underwear), and a job. It’s almost like I’m a real person again.


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