In Transit to America

I’ve been back in the U.S. for a little over a month now, but I haven’t had time to edit this until now. I hope I’m able to look back one day and enjoy the thoughts and feelings I had while coming ‘home’ again from this great adventure of mine. I miss Thailand quite terribly and think about it every single day, but I can’t put into words the immense joy and happiness to be back in America. And it’s not just because I have the 27 hours of travel behind me either.


3 thoughts on “In Transit to America

  1. Hi Erin – Do you experience any reverse culture when you’re back home recently? and how you deal with that kind of situation?

    I’ve been living and working in the states for the past 4 years w/o a chance to travel back home and the reverse culture shock hit me hard when I came back to Thailand last summer for vacation specially during the first week.


    • I definitely feel like I’ve been experiencing reverse culture shock, but not in the way I thought I would. Mostly what I can’t get over is the level of excess and self-pampering here compared to Thailand. Like who turns on the AC when it’s 70 degrees and sunny for the first time in Spring? I try really hard not to judge people though because they didn’t have my experience (that I will cherish for the rest of my life), but I didn’t have theirs either. I’m trying to focus on the little things in America that make the eye rolling-things worthwhile, like spending time with my family. I think when I go back to Thailand, I’ll have reverse-reverse culture shock all over again haha!

      • Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it. I’m not judging people by how they doing things in their life too because they’ve been through experience I had. I mean they don’t have too. : ) Born and raised in another part of the world from where I living now is kind of hard though but at least I try my best.

        I’m so glad to hear that you’re going back to Thailand. I’d love to share your teaching experience in Thailand with you if we have a chance. Thanks!

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