Transitions Video

The first video totally done in America! Things have been hectic since coming home from Peace Corps and this video took a surprisingly long time for me to be ready to do.  Time has just flown by since I’ve come back too. Hello June!

Long story short, life is good.


One thought on “Transitions Video

  1. Hello Erin! First, I want to say as a current peace corps nominee I’ve found your videos very informative and fun to watch, so thank you! And it is great that you’re doing well transitioning back here in the US.

    I replied to this video to ask you a question regarding the experience of TCCS (or TCCO) volunteers, in general. I am a nominee scheduled for Jan. in the education sector myself and with an educated guess and some internet savvy, have an idea that Thailand may be a real possibility for me. Although I do have TEFL certification and will have a full year of experience co-teaching an ESL class by January 2014, I do not have a formal degree in Education or years of experience as a teacher in a traditional school setting.

    From your experience, did TCCO vols. usually have a strong background as English teachers in the US before their service or was it more of a mixed bag? Although I do have some experience (and have fallen in love with English education in the process of gaining it), I am curious if you think my *relative* lack of classroom teaching experience would be out-of-the norm as an incoming teacher-trainer in Thailand.

    I realize there is a lot of speculation here concerning placement and know there is a good chance I end up somewhere completely different, but any insight you have would be much appreciated!

    Best of luck with your continuing transition back to the USA!

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