What’cha Know About Me

You know the drill, these are the random thoughts, feelings, rants, blatherings, and brain spewings of mine as I serve as a TCCO volunteer in Peace Corps Thailand from March 2011-March 2013.

A piece about me: I’m a dreamer, a wanderer, a feminist man-lover, a reader, a dancer around my room, a yoga beginner, a writer, a student and a teacher. I like who I am and who I am turning out to be. And this blog is what I have to say/think about it.

If you’re looking to read about the daily detailed ins and outs of a Peace Corps Volunteer, this is probably not the blog for you. While I’ll be mentioning some of those things, I want to mainly focus on some of the hard realities and issues of life here and beyond. With a natural, Erin-optimistic spin on things of course.

4 thoughts on “What’cha Know About Me

  1. Wow. Snail mail. I’m an anachronist and to me, letter writing is like breathing. I’ve been doing it since the Pleistocene Age [mostly to family and a few select friends through the years]. I may jot a line to you about life in New England. Good luck with your journey these next several months…!!


    • My grandmother is the only one that sends me mail anymore and I keep every letter despite her thinking I’m crazy for doing so. I’ve started a post card wall as well, one from New England would be much appreciated! Especially with it being fall and probably the best time of year!

  2. Hi Erin,

    So glad I found your blog! I’m leaving for Thailand Jan 10, 2014 as a Peace Corps volunteer. I’ve been devouring your blog ever since I got my invitation letter! Would you be able/willing to answer a few questions?

    Thanks so much for your helpful blog!

    • You’re lucky to have found out so far in advance about your invitation letter! Congratulations! Welcome to the family. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have via email or alternative social media you have. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare!

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