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My Favorite Youtubettes

Let’s Make It Up
Seriously, I owe this girl so much. I remember, back when I decided that I could still try to look like a female in Thailand, I did a little youtube search for hairstyles. A parasite relationship was born. I re-learned how to do all kinds of braids, how to do them into different ‘styles’ (God I feel so stupid for saying that), and I’m not going to lie, it changed my perception about my hair (as in, if it’s not braided, it’s not done, which is good because as I’m pretty much refusing to cut it in Thailand, it’s allowing this time to not get the shit beaten out of it by heat and/or much chemicals). She’s boho, an awesome braider, and a pretty/intelligent gal.

The video that got me hooked.

Jenna Marbles
Dear God. This girl is hilarious. She does videos that are commentary on things like ‘What girls do in the bathroom,’ ‘Why girls hate each other,’ and ‘Sluts on Halloween.’ I think it helps that she swears a lot. It reminds me of my constant internal dialogue with myself.

I can’t make it through this video without my sides aching.

This is the girl who came up with ‘Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls.’ Rawr she makes me laugh out loud when I’m alone in my classroom with headphones on. Pretty sure my students think I’m crazy.

How many of these are you guilty of ever saying?

Luxy Hair
I originally didn’t realize they were the owners (two sisters, not twins) of a hair extension business as I found them through just their hair tutorials (did you really think that I could stop at just one channel of hair braiding?). Now I just watch wistfully and hope I’ll some day treat myself to their extensions. I also really like their second channel that has fashion, makeup, and them talking about random bits like why they don’t wear leather.

Wendy’s Lookbook
Back when it was cold (haha) and I was wanting to wear scarves (not because it was THAT cold, but because I could), I stumbled on this video of Wendy’s. Not only is it amazingly edited, but she has several companion videos that go slower and do a step by step instruction for some of the harder styles. After this video, I was drawn to Wendy’s videos for different outfit ideas and pining over what I can do once I re-enter a four season climate again.

Le Sigh.

Das Bloggen was nice enough to like one of my posts and it led me to this post of theirs. I first encountered culture shock when moving to London and was really surprised it hit me as hard as it did. Of course it helped that I had Europe and Ryanair at my fingertips to be able to get away on an adventure for the weekend. Living in Thailand though, I feel like we’re in a constant state of culture shock straddling our previous and present circumstances, the cultures of both of them, and how to find the proper balance between them.

Das Bloggen

Train arriving at Cairo's Sadat station

To visit a country is only to skim the surface.

You can never truly grasp a place in a few days. Sometimes understanding can take months, even years. When visiting a new country, the differences are something you appreciate, the differences are why you’re there, they’re part of the experience, you may even say they are the experience. Staring at the queer fruits and vegetables in a market you say, “Wow, we don’t get these back home!” It excites you. Everything excites you. The voices, the people, the food, the streets, the sky, the mountains. Everything.

Later, you leave, go back to the comfort of your own fruits and vegetables. Back to your own voices, your own people. Back home, to what you know and love. Back to comfort.

Culture shock happens when you try to change that home, even temporarily. When you try to make a transition between the…

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It’s like reading a page out of my diary. You know, if I were this funny. Every time a short person tells me how lucky I am to be tall, I’ll just keep this in the back of my mind. And smirk down at them.

Miss Snarky Pants

As a taller-than-average woman who has studied – and envied – the privileges enjoyed by those who are limited in physical stature, it has become overwhelmingly clear to me that God loves short people best. I’m not saying He hates tall people, but we’re definitely God’s middle child.

His eldest are average-sized people and they’re beloved because they’re just so normal. It’s as if God sighed in relief when he discovered that His first kid turned out just right – not too short, not too tall. No one was ever gonna call this kid beanpole. He’d never be stuck in the back row of the class photo. “How’s the weather up there?” would never be the first question asked of God’s eldest by absolutely everyone he meets for the rest of his life.

God’s youngest, though short, immediately climbed the ranks of popularity because she was the baby of…

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