I’m in the Club

I’ve been officially inducted to the Peace Corps Thailand Isaan club. I had to perform a task of great ardor and difficulty to be welcomed in with open arms. And today I succeeded. I killed Momma Scorpion.

She tried to scuttle away to hide.

I mentioned in a previous post that this scorpion was here to greet me when I got back to Chiang Mai. At that time, I wasn’t sure if I should go for the kill shot and by the time I received confirmation from a fellow (and veteran) Isaan Volunteer, it had scuttled off. Not before it didn’t lay eggs somewhere, but I got the little guys before they grew to the point of giving me heart palpitations.

I had hoped after the first sighting that it laid its eggs and moved on. And then Jeff was surprised when it nearly crossed over his feet as he was on his way to the bathroom. I had resolved never to walk out without giving search to the area, which came in handy today.

On my way to the refrigerator, my eye was caught by a moving black something that was going too slow to be a rat. As my eyes focused in, I felt the surge of adrenaline that I used to have right at the tip-off of my basketball games. Except a wee more petrified.

With my longest reaching broom/brush hybrid, I squashed her. She took two fatal hits to go down, but even an hour later, I found myself checking and rechecking the location to make sure Mama Scorps was still down for the count. I’m going to let the ants take care of her as a little science experiment.

Flying cockroaches, beetles the size of quarters, and now I can add scorpions to the list. Isaan, you’ll be the death of me.

A lot juicier than I imagined. 

A Typical Thai Saturday

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a rural Thai village? One of the most important things for a Peace Corps Volunteer to learn is how to entertain yourself with minimal stimulus. These are a few short clips of what my host sister and I get into to keep ourselves giggling while dressing up our dog, feeding the neighborly water buffalo, pedal our way to the coffee shop, and pick up a new puppy.

Chiang Mai Zoo

A short little guy with the animals we ran into at the zoo. I was going to combine it with last week’s video, but it didn’t make sense to have a ten minute video about two different subjects. The fee the zoo is only 200 baht (about $6 USD) with certain exhibits (like the aquarium, panda bears, and snow world) costing a few dollars extra. It was definitely family friendly and cooler than I expected. We had some close encounters with lions, tigers, panda bears, birds, monkeys, and flamingos. Oh my!

Because it’s too hot to do anything more than a photo post…

Blue skies, hot sun, beautiful temples

Little hike to the waterfall

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair

Zip-lining shot

The kid in the background...thanks.

Little bit of a mountain view.

Jeff's teaching me how to master the macro.

Panda panda panda!!!

New Christmas card photo maybe?

Reclining Buddha

One of my favorites.

Whatchoo lookin' at?

Another macro lesson


Zip-lining was so much fun!!

Look familiar Pirates fans?

There's a 7/11 at the zoo... it smelled like the zoo inside as well.

See anything?

Another Jeff shot

America's King and Thailand's King

Obligatory baby elephant shot

A little piece of the jungle in the middle of the city

Monkey see, monkey do

One of the few temples we went to

And then I had this to come home to…

As soon as I can find him, he's a goner

I’m a Serial Killer

I have the same MO. My type is small, black (but I don’t rule out red), and hurtful. I usually take care of them in the same location, the sink. I like to stick to drownation, but I’m not opposed to smashing or stomping when appropriate or necessary. I feel absolutely no remorse. My victims deserve it, stealing stores of delicious human food. And for just existing. They attack when I least expect it. I find genocide is my only way of properly defending my farangdom. Insert evil maniacal laughter.

Yes, this is another post about ants. Seriously, they’re assholes.

The unsuspecting victims

The black spots are drowned ants. Rawr.

Close up

Like that yogurt huh?

Me too.

I’ll try to lay off the insect posts, but you know what they say: confession is good for the soul.