Tuesday Travel Photo

This week’s TTP is during our Close of Service conference and the unofficial beginning of the transition period to post-PC life. I’m going back to the U.S. for the summer, but today is the day I can start looking at the long-term places I want to live after PC and Australia is at the top of that list. Exact location has yet to be determined, but I’m really looking forward to the next part of this adventure called life.

This photo was taken by Manfriend earlier this year in the Dandenong mountains outside of Melbourne. He titled it ‘Easter bunny.’ I like the focus on the foreground, what I’m doing now, but you can make out the key parts of the background. The details just need fine tuned.

Tuesday Travel Photo

The past few days, all my internal wanderings have led me to Melbourne. And why not? Beautiful city on the water, full of western food, and I have it on good authority, ‘lots of fruit loops.’ I think I’d fit right in. Some day soon Melbourne, we have a date.

Friday Five

My Peace Corps Travel Wish List

I know, I’m a total cliché, but can you blame me for wanting to see this…

One of the main reasons people come to Southeast Asia

Bali to be specific. It took creeping on a few other Peace Corps Volunteers photos for me to decide that it’s going to be necessary for me to take a trip there. It’s not that Thailand doesn’t already have ridiculously beautiful beaches, but then there’s this…

Not quite the famed beaches, but still, wow.

Chiang Mai
I can’t wait to visit this city. I’ve heard how different it is from Bangkok and I sincerely hope that’s true. Not sure when I’ll make the trip, but with one friend living in the city and another a few hours outside of it, I’ll be there on one of my school breaks.

Chiang Mai, the Rose of the North

Khao Yao National Park
One of Volunteers from the previous group told a friend of mine going to Khao Yao was one of her favorite things she’s done in Thailand. A little bit of hiking and getting to actually choose to be outdoors rather than by default living there will be really refreshing for a change as well.

Where can I sign myself up for this?

Early next year I plan on making the trip to what will be the closest to America I’ll be getting culturally for the next two years, though I might not be allowed in if I keep making statements like that. Their attractive visa program and population are enough to want this nomad to hang up her backpack for a year there.

Oz and I have a date next year.

With this, I’m signing off and will be in the big city for the weekend, though I have no plan at all. What are you doing to me Thailand?!