Tuesday Travel Photo

Ciao bella Italia, we meet again. I started browsing an Elizabeth Gilbert book, not Eat, Pray, Love, in which she mentions her journey in Eat, Pray, Love. Naturally my next line of thinking in my farang food deprived body was the obscene amount of amazingness that she put into her belly. So today, my mind is in Italy, Sardinia specifically, with a group of people besides Thai calling out my beauty while I take in the scenery, preferably with a plate of pasta and a glass of wine in front of me. Crystal blue water, white sand beaches, and lonely beach coves doesn’t sound too bad either.

Friday Five

My Five Favorite Photos from July

A little bit of paradise

Working on my macro shots

This is in the middle of a lesson; notice all the boys are looking at anything besides their notebooks or the teacher while the girls are diligently taking notes

Came back from vacay and look who made their house on my laundry line

50th Celebrations… maybe I’m a little obsessed with the close-ups

Tuesday Travel Photo

The English camp marathon is finished. The weekend is in sight. After that is a mere four days until vacation to the beach. That glimmer of sunshiny goodness is helping me pull through. While I’m not in Koh Chang yet, my thoughts are turned to other prime beach locations like Costa Rica (at Jeff’s suggestion). After the past four days, a little bungalow on the beach is exactly where I want to be this moment.

Starting to figure out iMovie…..

Which means you’ll likely getting more of these in the future. Made a little recap video of my time in Krabi. It helped me go somewhere else for a while which is sometimes just the place you need to go to deal with the place you’re in. Hope to make another one of a neighborhood party I attended a few weeks ago as well. If you’re wondering where this inspiration is coming from, another volunteer and gal pal make these amazing creations that I highly recommend. Their videos are far better than mine and I can only hope to aspire to be as creative and informative as these gals are. Check out their videos here.