Let’s Check Out Paradise

Finally, the recap video of the fantastical Koh Chang! Such a short time there, I wish we had scheduled a few more days. Koh Chang has it all with plenty of restaurants, shops, and natural attractions to keep you busy or taking a load off beach side. It’s a nice alternative if you don’t have time to go down to famed beaches of the south (fewer people too!). I’m hoping to go back and take in a yoga weekend and a trek into the jungle. Here is a small piece of my experience.

Photos from Koh Chang

As promised, here are some of my pictures from Koh Chang. It really is a stunning island paradise.

We went cosmic bowling in Surin. It was kind of like we were real people.

We couldn’t really figure out what this shop was in Janthaburi, but it was quite terrifying.

This is Jeff’s ‘our bus is two hours late, I’m hot, sticky and I hate traveling in Thailand’ face. I saw this expression a lot this trip.

Dogs on the island were a lot more farangish than regular Thai dogs. Look at this pathetic lug.

The line of bungalows at Hat Sai Inn, a good bargain at 500 baht a night for AC, satellite TV, free wifi, a short walk to the beach and very clean.

Walking down the street… oh hey monkey hanging from the electrical lines. That’s normal.

All that uncomfortable travel was worth this view.

But maybe not so much for views like this… whoever told this guy his color was green was definitely greng-jaing the Buddha out of him.

Suddenly it makes a lot a of sense why these trees are called buttress roots.

A jaw-dropping view-point at the top of one of the mountains on Koh Chang. Doesn’t do it justice.

One of the beach creatures.

Not a bad backdrop.

Americans have garden gnomes. Thai people have fat rabbit women singing opera. Or is she just raising the roof?

The awesome Klong Phrao waterfall in the background of this eye-catching flower (and bee)

I like one because not only do you get the crab, but a peek at the mountain behind it too.

It was hard to leave this behind.

I’ve been a little sick from these weird pus-filled bug bites this past week. I’ll be back on the blogging train soon!

Tuesday Travel Photo

Koh Chang and I did not have a long enough relationship for my liking. Our three days there were not nearly enough on this not too crowded, but developed aplenty to satisfy a PCV’s farang food cravings. More photos to follow.

White Sands Beach… sometimes pictures just aren’t enough.

This Is What Heaven Looks Like…

…to a Peace Corps Volunteer.

As if Thai people don't comment enough about my weight

Thanks Mom!! Word on the street is I’m getting another one for Christmas and no, I can barely contain my excitement. I made the mac and cheese and had my host sister try one of my favorite odd food combos of cheese and chocolate. I told her to eat some of the noodles and then pop some Reese’s Pieces in her mouth. She took that to mean to put the candy in her bowl of mac and cheese and mix it together. I swear, I don’t make this stuff up. She liked it, but our host mother wouldn’t let her eat a lot of it so it didn’t make her fat. The irony of the situation is when it’s Thai food, she allows May to eat two, sometimes three bowls of rice at dinner. But, you know, a little milk will make you fat.

I realize I haven’t been on the post train lately. Who knew having an extra week off of school would mean people would want to hang out with me? My brain has been going at warp speed and I can’t get my thoughts settled enough to put finger to keyboard. Soon though, soon. Until then, I’ll be hoarding over my candy pile like Gollum jacked up on caffeine.