Tuesday Travel Photo

After a week of wedding preparations and maid of honor duties, I wish I were going along on the honeymoon to Greece and Rome. I’m still in Pittsburgh, but this week my travel heart is vicariously living through the bridal couple!!

Hoping to get back on the blogging track this week!

Tuesday Travel Photo

Not sure how I missed out on this given I was living in Asia for two years. Yes, that’s a forty-foot inflatable rubber ducky floating in Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. This came to my attention because this duck will floating in Pittsburgh in just a few months as part of the International Festival of Firsts. I think I’d want to be anywhere where there’s a 40 foot plaything is drifting along the river for this week’s TTP.

For more about the floating duck coming to Pittsburgh, check this out.

Tuesday Travel Photo

After this holiday weekend and reflecting on the sacrifices of others so I’m able to live my life how I see fit, I’m brought in memory to this place. I started to learn and truly understand this lesson when I was fifteen and went to Normandy, France. Stunningly beautiful and most of all, haunting.

Thank you.

Tuesday Travel Photo

Chattahoochee river walk… that’s a mouthful. With the recent cold snap moving through Pittsburgh and big brother taking a new ladyfriend out there, my travel toes wouldn’t mind dipping in for a stroll along this beautiful Columbus, Georgia river walk.

P.S. TIckets have been bought for one of my American Friday Five places! Travel bug is getting its groove on.

Friday Five

Five More Photos from April– I know, I know. Another Friday Five photo post, but given it’s the first Friday of the month, I thought I would do a few more photos from April. Next week I’ll get back on the writing train.

I couldn't help myself... it's American Street. How amazing is that?

I couldn’t help myself… it’s American Street. How amazing is that?

Another photo from Phipps

Another photo from Phipps

Tyler entertaining a class of third graders, most questions started like this: 'Excuse me Mr. Army-man'

Tyler entertaining a class of third graders, most questions started like this: ‘Excuse me Mr. Army-man…’ This was a good introduction back into how American kids are compared to Thais

My best friend's bachelorette bridal bonanza

My best friend’s bachelorette bridal bonanza… yes I am the tallest in the ENTIRE bridal party

Tyler thought it best to censor this baby's awkward nudity

Tyler thought it best to censor this baby’s awkward nudity… can’t say I disagree with him