Friday Five

My Five Favorite Photos of January 2012
I want to start doing this on the first Friday of every month, the best photos of the month, to keep myself taking pictures and giving a more graphic story to tell. Sometimes there are a lot of photos in a month from the trips you’re taken on, other times… it’s the big spider in your bathroom. January had a lot to offer.

Fat Buddhas are always smiling, you'd think they'd be more popular in Thailand.

The river that will take you to Laos.

I love that flowers are in bloom in January.

Victory Monument at sunrise, thanks night buses.

Sunbeams over a mountain... ok!

Tuesday Travel Photo

Holy Moly!! I forgot it’s Tuesday! That’s what I get for not going to school yet this week. Or, you know, do something productive outside of IRB the shit out of bpit term. That’s right, I said it. I nearly left my computer’s side without posting your travel photo. And I’ve never blogged more than once in one day before. I feel like I’ve entered the Twilight zone and not the kind with glittering vampires and Robert Pattycakes running around. Though that might not be too bad. I think this is a clear sign that vacation is still with me and in honor of that, I give you a little piece of Southern Thailand.

Photo Credit: Tammy Kane, awesome shot if I do say so myself