The Downlow

So you’re probably wondering what I’ll actually be doing in Thailand.  This is what the Peace Corps has to say:

After successful completion of pre-service training, you will be assigned to work with one to two schools, and your school(s) may be an “extended” school, whereby you might also work with students at another level. You will generally work at each school two days a week. The minimum teaching load in the English classroom that you will assume with your Thai counterpart teachers is 12 hours per week. Many Volunteers do teach more hours per week. The rest of your time will be spent at school with your counterpart teachers and other teachers in lesson planning, developing educational materials, facilitating after-school clubs and programs, and participating in teachers’ meetings or other school-related activities.

Your project aims to assist school teachers to effectively practice and incorporate participatory learning approaches in the classroom. The Royal Thai government’s education reform efforts focus on participatory learning, where teachers become guides and mentors in helping students to access, interpret and organize knowledge and to explore and solve authentic problems. You will help your co-teachers to design and implement lessons in which students work in groups and individually to learn content and also learn how to learn through discovery, inquiry, and problem solving.

You and your Thai counterparts will work together to co-plan and co-teach lessons in order to foster a productive exchange of skills in the English classroom. You will also work with your counterpart teachers to introduce community topics and issues into lessons and effectively integrate other content areas (such as health, environment and life skills). You will cooperate with your counterparts to design and implement activities that focus on the learner’s relationship with him/herself and society in order to draw upon and apply authentic experiences and life skills.

Information about Thailand:

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    • Thank you for nominating me! I always see those badges on blogs and wonder what it’s all about : )

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